Getting Married? 4 Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

If you are getting married, you know how expensive this can be. The biggest expense is the wedding attire, but there are many other things you must also pay for, including the wedding flowers. Fortunately, there are many ways you can save money on the flowers for your wedding, four of which are listed below.

Choose a Local Florist

Find a local florist to provide you with your wedding flowers. In most cases, you will pay a local florist less. This will also ensure that the flowers you receive are fresh. The florist will also have flowers that are grown locally in most cases. The florist can also choose flowers that grow all year, such as orchids, calla lilies, and roses. 

If you choose local, you will save money on gas as you will not have to drive far for your wedding flowers. If you have a lot of flowers, the florist may transport them to your wedding venue. If so, the florist will likely charge less because they are closer to you. 

Use Less Flower Types

You can save money by choosing wedding flowers if you choose fewer types of flowers. For example, the florist may charge less if you choose only roses and carnations. This is because it is much easier on the florist when arranging the flowers for your bouquet and other things. 

Some flower varieties that will work well for you include peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, orchids, roses, and much more. 

Choose Large Blooms

Choosing flowers that have large blooms means the florist will use fewer flowers when making your bouquet and other arrangements. You could use hydrangeas or orchids. The florist can spray the flowers you choose to help them last longer. This will prevent you from having to replace flowers that may wilt. 

Choosing spray roses is also much less expensive. Spray roses are a group of roses that grow on one stem instead of purchasing individual rose stems. This can save a great amount of money if you plan to use roses in your wedding bouquet or flower arrangements. 

Grow Your Own Flowers

If you have time, you can grow your own flowers to use in your wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. You could grow roses, orchids, carnations, foxgloves, and much more. Make sure you choose flowers that grow well in your area. If you have never grown flowers before, hire a landscaper to help you get the soil ready, plant the flowers, and teach you how to care for them as they grow.

You may not have enough flowers to fill an entire bouquet, but having some of your own means the florist will not have to use as many.