Valentines Day: Finding Flowers That Won’t Break The Bank

February 14th is coming up fast. Are you prepared? Due to a severe lack of planning on the part of most husbands, many a woman enjoys flowers on valentines day. However, the cost of those flowers can vary drastically. Some men buy whatever flowers they can get on hand the quickest, which is not always the best idea. Here are a few tips to save some money on flowers.

1-Be Creative. Sometimes it seems that men give women a dozen roses simply because they cannot think of anything else. However, a dozen roses can cost over $50 not including the stuffed animal, chocolates, or a card. The purpose of this article is not to encourage anyone to be stingy, simply to help with ideas on how to use that $50 in a better way. For example, say that a man and wife have three children together. There are some bouquets of flowers (not roses mind you) that could be as cheap as $10 a vase. Wouldn't she love it if instead of one huge bouquet, she received 3-4 smaller ones throughout the day? One from each member of her family? That would make her feel loved from all sides, and make you husband of the year. Another idea is to get just one rose for each child in the family. A little thought is often worth more than $50 to a woman.

2-Look Online. When you just don't have time for creativity, it is a good idea to look online. Some national flower shops have local branches that can have flowers delivered the same day or to a place of employment. Making her feel special in public is always a good idea. Sometimes you can search online for discount codes or deals that can help with the cost. Do the research to save the money.

3-Check Local Flower Shops. If you are looking for same-day flowers, local flower shops are also a great resource. Ask if they have any deals currently. As was said earlier, some simple thought goes a long way as far as gift giving goes. Instead of splurging for the roses, look for her favorite flowers. Ask that they be used as the central focus of a bouquet. This may be cheaper for you, but it will also be more personal for her. Take the time to really show her that you care.

These are just a few ideas you should consider.