Create A One-Of-A-Kind Backdrop For Your Little Girl’s One-Year-Old Pictures

When it is time to do a photo shoot for your little girl's one-year-old photos, it is important to create a great backdrop to hang behind her. A great way to customize the backdrop is to use flowers cascading behind there that are attached to a large piece of fabric and hung behind her. The guide below walks you through the process for making this one-of-a-kind backdrop for your little one's perfect pictures.

Choose the Flowers You Want to Use

When creating the custom backdrop, you first need to decide what flowers you want to use to create it. You want to be sure to choose a flower that has a lot of detail so that it is easy to see in the pictures. Daisies, water lilies, and peonies all look great in pictures. Purchase the flowers in bulk from a florist to save money on the overall cost of the flowers. Even if you do not use them all for the backdrop, you can make small arrangements to place around your little one to add even more beauty to the pictures.

Prepare the Flowers

After you have purchased the flowers from your local florist, you need to prepare them to attach to the backdrop. Cut the end of their stems at an angle and wrap a paper towel around the end of the stem. You want to dry it out as much as you can so that it doesn't drip down the backdrop.

Arrange the Flowers

Lay the backdrop flat on the ground and then lay the flowers out in rows. You can create a pattern or place the flowers randomly on the backdrop. You just want to be sure that it will create an eye-catching look when you are done.

Secure the Flowers

Use small pieces of strong, matte clear tape to attach the flowers to the drop cloth. Be sure to attach them in multiple spots to ensure that they are secure to the backdrop. When the backdrop is hung, be sure to check the flowers again to ensure that they are secure. You do not want to have to stop the shoot to secure loose flowers because it could ruin the pictures.

Once the backdrop is created, you want to start using it right away. This will ensure that the flowers do not start to wilt before you are able to get the shots that you want to get of your little one.