Not Too Romantic: Flowers For Your Girlfriends Parents

If you are going to be meeting your girlfriends parents for dinner at their home, then you're probably searching around for ideas about what to get them as a gift. You don't want to show up empty handed, and you also want to be considerate and bring something that is appropriate. Also, it's a good idea to show some appreciation after the fact so that they understand that you are a respectful person and acknowledge their hospitality. Here's a few things to consider.  

Wine Before Roses

If you're showing up for dinner, you might like to bring a nice bottle of wine instead of a big bouquet of flowers. The one caveat to this is if the parents are not drinkers. If your girlfriend has specifically told you that her parents are not drinkers, then you should bring flowers to the dinner instead of sending them the day after. It's not appropriate to show up with a bottle of wine if no one besides yourself will drink. However, if her parents are the type to like a bottle of wine with dinner, then it's a nice idea to bring the wine. That way, you can send the flowers as a thank you the next day.

Choose Non-Romantic Flowers

When sending flowers, try to steer clear of the classic romantic flowers, namely red roses. You should look towards flowers that are pretty, but also more casual. You might like to get a beautiful arrangement of gerbera daisies, or a nice bouquet of spring lilies. If you would like to get something that is more unusual , you could choose to get orchids. Another cool idea would be to get a sense of the moms favorite flower at dinner, perhaps she really likes sunflowers, and you could have the florist send an arrangement of that type of flower.

Send A Nice Thank You Note To Both Parents

You should include a nice thank you note with the flowers. It should be somewhat specific and mention the dinner and how you were pleased to meet the family. It's also important that you address the note to both the mother and father. You don't want to leave the father out, and if you send flowers to the mom without acknowledging the dad, it might be seen as a bit inappropriate. While the flowers are certainly going to be for the mom, as long as you include the father in the note, he won't get upset that another man is sending his wife flowers.

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