The Symbolism Of A Flower

When you are trying to pick out flowers for your significant other, you have a world of potential in front of you. Each flower has a very special type of beauty, and they all can look fantastic in a bouquet. However, most people do not actually know the symbolism behind the flower that they are giving their significant other. Each flower that you can give actually stands for something, and if you know what they stand for, you can make a more meaningful bouquet.

Not every single occasion is an occasion for roses, and your counterpart may be very impressed to know that you spent the time to get to know the meaning and symbolism behind the bouquet that you give them. This article is going to cover a few different occasions and just a few different flowers that could go along with the occasion. 

A New Love

Meeting someone for the first time is always an exciting time, and falling for them is even more exciting. There is a lot of different emotions that you can go through when you are getting to know someone, and finding that they are in fact a wonderful person. For this type of occasion, you should consider a few very specific beautiful flowers. The first flower that comes to mind is the carnation. You may not know it but the carnation actually stands for fascination and new love. This is the perfect flower to add to any bouquet to give it a little bit more meaning. 

Deep Love And Romance

There is one flower that will always stand apart from the other flowers, and that is the rose. The rose is an iconic flower, and a best seller. It is a best seller for a very good reason. A perfect rose is simply stunning. You may not know that a Rose actually stands for perfection, beauty, love, and deep romance. These are always a great flower to get that significant other that has been in your life and enriched your life for so long. 


If you want to tell your partner that she has class, style, and is beautiful beyond description then there is no better flower to give than the Casa Blanca lily. This flower is for the truly elite in beauty and personality. The Casa Blanca lily is a beautiful white lily that can easily be the main flower of any bouquet. Your partner will be more than happy to receive this beautiful flower. 

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